I’m Trying For Sale By Owner

How long are you willing to wait with the odds being 12.5 to 1 against you?

Did you know?: You can increase your odds tenfold by hiring a listing agent?

Yes, some property owners do successfully sell their property “by owner” without hiring a listing agent. Some property owners offer a commission directly to buyers’ agents. Others hire a discount broker who in turn offers a commission to buyers’ agents and provides a Multi List System entry. Others pay a flat fee up front for the MLS entry and the buyers’ agent commission offering. Still others offer no commission. What most of these property owners probably don’t know is that all these FSBO scenarios account for only eight percent of home sales in the marketplace. data source:  NAR

Maximize your bottom line by hiring the very best, most aggressive listing agent there is; the one who’s going to actually do something more than just wait for a buyer to show up.

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