This Might Catch You Off Guard

Reasons Not to Work With Me

I’m a full-service, full-commission agent. My fee might be more than you want to commit to paying. You never pay any of it up front, and it’s all inclusive.

I’m going to encourage you to price your property at a list price that will cause it to sell, and to sell quickly in a bidding war scenario where the final sales price gets driven up to the market maximum. The starting ask price I eventually will recommend is probably less than what you’re thinking to start. You probably will feel angry when I make that pricing recommendation.

I’m not the kind of agent who’s going to give you false hope at first by unrealistically raising your expectations, and then, later, bring you down hard. If that’s what you want, I’m probably not the agent for you.

I’m going to be candid about what we’re up against and what the lay of the land looks like from your perspective.

Keeping It Real