Zillow touring agreement promotes real estate agents to unpaid uber driver door opener prostitute

I’ve got bad news for the vast majority of you agents.

Your agency owner or manager is going to authorize and encourage you to use this form, or something like it.

They know it’s a million to one that you ever will figure out how to build a trusting relationship such that a client paid full fee agency agreement falls easily into place.

They’re completely OK with banking your monthly affiliation fees, and wagering on the thousand to one long shot that you’ll close a given buyer and get some money paid to the firm. And they’re doing the exact same deal with every single one of the 600 other affiliates of your firm.

They’re going to encourage you to buy zillow buyer leads, and to “take” zillow buyer referrals, and to work them like a dog in consideration of the promise of a minority fraction of the one in a thousand long shot fee.

They’re happy as can be that you’re eager to burn gas and spend time as an unpaid uber driver and door opener. As the buyer enters the home, you might as well get down on your knees.

When you want to affiliate with the only firm and broker-in-charge there is who is laying it out for you like this, how are you going to convince me to carry the risk of affiliating with you?

Zillow Touring Agreement PDF


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