My Outstanding REALTOR® Martin Robbins

Note of Support & Confidence

To whom it may concern: 

I first met Martin Robbins in June, 2022, when he solicited me as a “For Sale By Owner”. The moment I answered his first Facetime call to me, I recognized he is an innovator. 

He warned me his methods are unconventional, unorthodox, and even radical, and that, at first, I might not understand them. Nonetheless, I immediately trusted him, and agreed to work with him. 

Less than a month later, I have come to recognize he is a most effective agent. He communicates timely and effectively. He has negotiated a contract on my property for 3% more than the asking price. On my behalf, he has navigated through complex processes and difficult conversations which are real estate sales transactions.

I trust him, ultimately, with handling all my real estate business.

Cedric Scott